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Sup, killer? Circle up for a quick story. On a hot summer morning in June of 2016, just over a year after my buddy smoked himself, and moments after blowing my load into a napkin in my Grandma’s sunroom, I had the epiphany of a lifetime. I realized I had to create a streaming television network (basically a Netflix) for the Veteran community, that would make my Grandma proud. It would also serve a few altruistic goals, which I've included below.  


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What We're Trying To Do Here At VET Tv

Goal #1) - Our team wants to  make veterans laugh so hard that they vomit, shit, and nut - simultaneously, releasing a powerful mix of chemicals into their brain that make them consider living another (miserable) day.   

Goal #2) - I started creating these films by veterans and FOR veterans because I want to make our audience feel better about their military service, no matter how far from the front lines they served. Why? Because even if they signed up for a desk job in the Chair Force, they still signed a piece of paper that said they were willing to die for their country.   

Goal #3) - Believe it or not, our ridiculously dark and terribly funny military stories and films bring veterans together, which would then lead to healing, personal growth, and a better outlook on their (miserable) lives.

Looking Back At What We've Accomplished

Here we are, just over four years later and we’ve created 18 original military films and TV comedy shows for veterans totaling over 40 hours of content. We've brought hundreds of thousands of veterans together, and we're just getting started. We’ve worked to improve the mental health of millions more, by helping them laugh about the most fucked up things they’ve ever done and seen.

Focusing On The Fundamentals

Our mantra around here is pretty simple. Laughing is better than killing yourself. Here at VET Tv, we encourage our viewers to come together, tell stories, laugh, and discuss ways to make ourselves and our community better. (Isn’t it better to be better?)

I’ll conclude with a little gratitude: we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world, because of awesome people like you who were willing to defend it. VET Tv is our way of saying “thank you for your service.”

Peace, Love, and War,

Donny O’Malley
Founder of VET Tv

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