The Why Behind The Mental Hell and Wellness Series

A few months ago we had this concept at VET Tv to do a deep dive into some research around mental health in the military. If you’re thinking right about now that that sounds like an endeavor, it was.


But what started as a journey for research resulted in something pretty damn special, a web-series where we talk to real professionals about their insights into military mental health.

Our mission is simple here, and our founding father Donny O’Malley hits it right on the head in the first few seconds. We wanted to give you something tangible that you can use to improve the quality of your miserable life.

The military has long been known for taking its members and brainwashing them to suppress their feelings. We are converted from people to numbers in a matter of moments. It's not a fun thought, but we're realists.

It's extremely effective when it comes to creating the most lethal military force on the planet. However, not so effective when it comes to having to figure out a way to live a healthy, functioning life outside of that force. Learning to actually feel emotions, cope with them, deal with the stuff we’ve seen, that’s where the real work starts. That’s where the hard part begins.

So that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re launching this initiative, to let you know that you’re not alone. That this shit is hard and it is real, but that it can get better.

Moving Forward With Mental Hell and Wellness

We know this struggle and we understand it all too well. We hope that this series can help you understand what exactly it is that’s going on inside your head, no matter how twisted it may be, and then help you find the tools to start sorting it out. To start to heal and to start to move forward.

Welcome to Mental Hell and Wellness. The fact that you’re here is a great start. Rahhh!

Mental Hell and Wellness Series:
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The Why Behind The Mental Hell and Wellness Series
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