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When we can't offend the world with the darkest military TV shows and stories of all time, we write about them.

    Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike Baton Rouge, LA

    On March 6th in Baton Rouge, LA over 120 Veterans - rocking their chiseled thighs and some inappropriate Mardi Gras[...]

    What You Won’t Do In 2021.

    It’s about that time, again. Where you start thinking about all the resolutions you’re going to make that will[...]

    Give The Gift of Laughter

    Let’s face it, this year has been a complete shit show, right from the very beginning. 2020 has royally been fucking[...]

    Welcome to the VET Tv Community

    Sup, killer? Circle up for a quick story. On a hot summer morning in June of 2016, just over a year after my buddy[...]

    Awareness Isn't Enough

    What are we doing about the mental hell and wellness of our vets? Not enough. The number of veterans that take their[...]

    The Why Behind The Mental Hell and Wellness Series

    A few months ago we had this concept at VET Tv to do a deep dive into some research around mental health in the[...]

    Introducing Mental Hell and Wellness: The Path Out of Hell

    What started as a research project evolved into Mental Hell and  Wellness, a new web series that helps veterans[...]

    Interview: Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

    Mental health and the military: Starting at the source. There has always been a lot media buzz and attention[...]

    Interview: Dr. Michael Terry

    Healing With Humor: It's Actual Science. “Laughter is the best medicine.” How many times have you heard that one?[...]

    Interview: Dr. Nancy Lin

    Military Transition: From the Shotgun Seat. As a military spouse with a recently retired husband, I watched this[...]

    Interview: Dr. Holly Bechard

    Mental health Is still health. The military has more stringent standards to measure and enforce physical health than[...]

    Interview: Dr. Abby Cobey

    We’ve long been proponents of healing through dark and irreverent humor at VET Tv. We built an entire platform[...]