Introducing Mental Hell and Wellness: The Path Out of Hell

What started as a research project evolved into Mental Hell and  Wellness, a new web series that helps veterans understand their mind in order to live a life they don’t want to end. 


Mental Hell and Wellness is broken down in two parts.

In the first part, we broke down our #1 Series, A Grunt’s Life —a deep dive into the psychology of the show as well as a character analysis of Lt. Murphy.  A Grunt's Life is about a forward deployed Marine Infantry platoon. The show was written to show the disconnect between leadership and their Marines, and the effects this has on them in a war environment. Because it was written by numerous combat veterans, the show has been heralded as the most authentic depiction in combat since Generation Kill or Restrepo. 

In the second part, we sat down with mental health professionals to uncover the therapeutic power of dark humor while introducing the tools needed to undo the “brainwashing” they experienced in the military. We knew the effects that our humor had on mental health. We receive thousands of messages a week telling us how our tv shows saved their life

In Mental Hell and  Wellness, we discuss the ways that the military mindset serves to win wars but isn’t as helpful for good mental health post-service. VET Tv has always believed that humor is a powerful stepping stone to improving veterans’ mental health. We hope you enjoy the series.

“You put me in war to be a savage beast, which you helped trained me to be, and then you tell me I’m not okay.”

Lauren Rich, Psychotherapist


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By The Team at VET Tv | November 09, 2020 | | 0 Comments

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