Breakdown: Lauren Rich Ep 2

Mental Hell and Wellness: That Awkward Talk. You're finally back back to the "real world" which looks and feels nothing like the tour you just finished. Back to a place where, believe it not, people don't put their lives on the line every day and get paid a hell of a lot more than you ever did serving your country.


Those Pesky Civilians...

Don't be disappointed, though! Now that you're back, you're going to have WAY TOO many people asking about what you did and didn't do while you were a soldier. For civilians, military service has a certain degree of "mystery" and "excitement" to it, mainly because they're using their imagination, rather than their bodies, to play "soldier".  We don't blame them; after all, it wasn't all a pain in the ass, right?

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So, What Should You Do?

That being said, if these types of questions start making you feel uncomfortable, or cause you to relive situations or scenarios you'd rather move past, it's best for you to communicate this right away. Your friends should respect your wishes, and your family should support you 100%.  Just because you had a kick-ass role in defending America doesn't mean that everyone is entitled to know about it.

Help Doesn't Make You Weak

And, if you are having trouble  with some of  your stories and memories, talking to the RIGHT person is the next step forward. Organizations like Irreverent Warriors and many others are going to be there for you. Talking it out with someone who has had your experience and has lived the crazy life you lived can make all the difference. So don't waste your time sharing war stories with those who don't understand you, find another veteran, someone from your branch, someone from your MOS, someone from your unit, or better yet, reach out to someone who you served with - always remember there's a community out there ready to help you. 


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