Interview: Dr. Abby Cobey

We’ve long been proponents of healing through dark and irreverent humor at VET Tv. We built an entire platform around it. We believe strongly in the ability to cope with the grief and trauma that comes with the military service by being able to laugh about it.


In our Mental Hell and Wellness initiative, we talk to a number of mental health professionals that shed their own insights on where dark humor, or humor in general, has a place in healing. In this episode, Dr. Abbey Cobey opens up about some of her personal experiences with veterans and how she observed the way dark humor can help veterans to cope.

Confronting the Trauma Veterans Face

Approaching trauma and PTSD with humor, allows veterans and active duty service members to access their memories and experiences, but also “break the ice” related to the event and, in a way, shield themselves from feeling the pain of the memory by being able to laugh about it.

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But what constitutes dark humor is different for everyone. What is humorous for one individual may not be for the other, and vice versa. What helps one veteran heal, may be uncomfortable or discouraging for another. The concept, however, is the same. Finding humor in trauma helps to heal from it.

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