Give The Gift of Laughter

Let’s face it, this year has been a complete shit show, right from the very beginning. 2020 has royally been fucking everyone just like the green weenie has since 1775.  Lucky for you this year, we’ve found a solution that could solve this pandemic. The Gift of Laughter!

A soldier acts crude on a Christmas card.

The gift of shitting. Laughing while you shit. Wait. Laughing till you shit. It’s the gift of laughing so hard, you roll over on the floor, grab your side, think you have to fart, but you don’t have enough to double-check, that you straight up shart your pants—the gift of laughter. The kind of laughter only dark, irreverent military humor can bring. I’m talking about VET Tv.

A drill sergeant ridicules a soldier.

I’d imagine if you had a gut-busting, pants-shitting laugh once in a while, you might be less inclined to off yourself and a little more excited about living. After all, the goal here is to live a life you don’t want to end. On second thought, maybe Full Metal Jacket isn't the best example. 


A scene from Full Metal Jacket.Whoa too dark? Sorry guys, back to comedy. 

This year, VET Tv is putting everyone on the NICE list. Why? Because we can and we don’t operate under the Department of Defense anymore. We know many of you have given up more than you’ll admit as a full time lead slinger. Some of you have been downrange more than once, not to mention spending many Christmas’ in shit holes across the globe. 

Donny OMalley sits with a soldier during Christmas.

The holidays may not be the most fun for veterans like us, and that's why we are here. Because we understand that misery loves company, and when life is going to hell in a hand basket, we are the first ones to crack the jokes.

So do yourself a favor and stop shopping for the perfect gift to give a veteran and “Give the Gift of Laughter.” 

Two soldiers appear on a Christmas card.

-Skeeta B.

By The Team at VET Tv | December 15, 2020 | | 0 Comments

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