Breakdown: Lauren Rich Ep 8

In our final episode in our A Grunt’s Life breakdown series, Lauren and Donny O’Malley talk about all the factors that play into military members thinking they’re the ones that are screwed seven ways from here to Sunday without realizing they are a product of their environment.


Getting Inside Your Own Head and Healing

No one is saying self-accountability isn’t real, and no one is saying that military culture is a deadpan excuse for being an asshole. We’re absolutely not saying that. What we are saying, and what Lauren dives into, is that recognizing the “why” behind this mindset, and recognizing the systematic problems that lead to poor mental health in the military community, is imperative to healing.

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The only truly effective way to diagnose what’s going in your head, understand your thoughts, and manage your emotions, is to understand every puzzle piece that makes up your mental map. If you don’t know where it starts, it’s definitely more difficult to address it.

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