Breakdown: Lauren Rich Ep 7

What are the challenges in the relationship between military senior leadership and their troops?


The disconnect between leadership and their troops occurs when there is a lack of understanding of each others roles, a lack of empathy for each other, and vastly different mindsets instilled in them for the different roles they fulfill within the military. 

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Putting  VET Tv's Founder Donny O'Malley to Work

Our founder, Donny O’Malley and Lauren Rich, our resident Licensed Clinical Therapist, dig into episode 7 of VET Tv’s A Grunt’s Life to talk about just how far this disconnect runs, and more importantly the effect it can have on the mental health of troops. This is particularly true when it comes to anxiety in combat situations and how incompetency and disconnect with leadership can breed further resentment, anger, and hostility.

This disconnect is fueled by difference in perspectives, difference in responsibilities in combat, difference in military paths, and a difference in priorities. Donny and Lauren talk about where this disconnect comes into play in service member mental health, and the different approaches that can be taken to minimize the anxiety it breeds in troops.

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